Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Desperate Scouse Wives

They aren't Scouse, they aren't Wives but they are desperate for publicity. I'm not going to claim for one minute that you average Scouse girl is a shrinking violet but neither are they these vacuous gobshites the E4 has thrown at us.
Some one somewhere after the success of The Only Way is Essex started looking for a rip off idea. So they they took the porn titling route. The one that gave us Shaving Ryans Privates and Flesh Gordon. So they trawled the list of successful TV shows and found one they could pun, though in this case they didn't eve come up with the pun themselves that came from Little Scouse on the Prairie, a play currently on at Liverpool's Royal Court..

So that was all the imagination taken care off.
If this has the witty and cleaver script of Ad Fab you could get away with it but with the lack of a script and the lack of any noticeable talent among the actors or any single redeeming feature it TV rubbish and potentially very dangerous for the population and well being of Liverpool. Just have to hope that the rest of the country thinks it is as shite as everyone here.

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