Saturday, 5 December 2009

Defence of the Realm 2

The defence of the UK Mainland using seaborne assets relies primarily on submarines, and currently on vastly expensive Nuclear submarines. The primarily advantage of nuclear submarines is their ability to stay submerged for as long as the food holds out, and with the amount of power produced by the Nuclear power reactor it should be possible to grow some food on board. However that nuclear power comes at the cost, a nuclear submarine makes far more noise than a diesel electric submarine.
The Royal Navies last conventional submarine was the Upholder class , which served for only 4 years before being mothballed and then sold to Canada. Currently France is producing the slightly smaller Scorpène class of submarine and Germany the Type 212, which has additional fuel cell power and will form the basis for the Israeli Dolphin class.
In defending the UK the conventional boats have the advantage of silence and greater numbers per pound. They are more manoeuvrable and have a greater chance of being sold overseas both the German and French submarines have been sold to other allied navies, which will help to reduce the cost for the British tax payer.

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